Style Advice of the Week: (Almost) Home for the Holidays

It’s finals week here at Liberty University, and only a few tests stand between us and home! And it is very true right now, there’s no place like home for the holidays. Most students are ready to be home for a month and relax and just enjoy their time with their families. However, this Fashionista decided to not adopt the trend of wearing leggings and an oversized T-shirt to class to take finals, and instead opted for a more fashionable, fall outfit. It has been fairly warm here lately (think 79 degrees in December), but since today was a rainy day it was easier to wear some key fall/winter pieces.

This Fashionista chose to stick with a simple black and white striped T-shirt dress that came just above her knee. She added a pair of black tights since it’s too warm for leggings underneath, and then wore her knee-high, brown riding boots. These boots have super cute details on them including a buckle at the top. A quarter-sleeve, light denim jacket made the outfit more causal and appropriate for classes, and to top off the outfit she wore a maroon, knitted infinity scarf. She chose to keep her accessories simple, with two gold hoops in each ear, and then simple gold rings on her fingers and a festive red nail polish. She said that she wears these rings every day, and likes how they can always add a little more to an otherwise plain outfit.

I love how even during finals week here at Liberty University, there are still fashionable students out there. This outfit is fairly simple, however adding details can create such a cute, fashionable outfit for winter. A warm infinity scarf or riding boots can dress any outfit up a little bit easily. It can be so easy to just put leggings and sneakers on with a baggy T-shirt, however I encourage you to add a small detail here or there to dress it up a little! Don’t be afraid of mixing things up some—it will pay off and it helps you feel more confident!

What’s your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to look to other people’s style for inspiration! Just always make sure you have something to make each outfit yours and yours alone! I like adding accessories to make each outfit a little different, whether it be a scarf or a cute pair of boots, I always make sure one thing is all my idea.”