Most of us have pieces in our wardrobe that are a bit edgier than the rest. However, wearing them can sometimes be a challenge. I always admire people who push the envelope and go against the norm, especially in fashion. That is the first thing that caught my eye about this Fashionista, along with her bold choice of footwear: knee-high, lace-up boots. This look is not something that you would ordinarily see around my campus, which is why I love it! An oversized shirt paired with leggings can be an easy outfit to fall back on, and can also be styled various ways. This Fashionista has a very unique style and took an extra step to make it special.

Not only did she add a black linen cape to this look, but she topped it off with purple polka-dot tights and cat-eye sunglasses. This Fashionista’s look possessed a great whimsical quality that’s hard to miss on campus. Lace-up boots have been a hot commodity for many seasons. My first memory of lace-up boots is when combat boots started making an appearance quite a few years ago, when the style had a strong utilitarian vibe.

Lace-up boot styles have continued on a pendulum swing, from flat to heeled, and from lace-up fronts to lace-up backs. At this point, any Fashionista can find the right lace-up boot to fit her style. My favorite variation of this trend is the lace-up ankle bootie. Along with every shoe, some styles can be edgier than others. This Fashionista’s cognac, lace-up boots are knee-high, flat and make a bold statement with a sharply pointed toe.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Be creative, be yourself and embrace your own uniqueness!”