After taking a peek at this week’s forecast, it’s hard not to squeal with glee or jump for joy. It’s 70 to 80 degrees every day this week and that means spring has officially sprung. After the longest winter in history to hit Boston, we finally get a little sunshine. Campus now looks like a real college with students laying out and about on every grassy surface, tanning and cramming for finals. Even though you might have a lot of work for the next couple of days, that’s no excuse to not dress up for the occasion.

This Fashionista’s attire is a ray of sunshine and it’s hard to not be happy when looking at her floral attire. It is the epitome of a spring dress and I love it. Although Meryl Streep stated florals are anything but original for springtime, I think they are cheerful and happy-inducing. The sight of flowers means freedom is within reach and gorgeous to boot. Florals are definitely the way to go this season.

Besides the print, who doesn’t love a simple strapless dress? Dresses are oh-so comfortable and easy-going. Plus the ruffle on this particular one makes it even more fun. They’re also easy to relax and lounge in while on the quad, or while attending a presentation. Whatever the occasion, a dress can always be the solution. You can always dress the dress up or down as well, but sandals and accessories are an easy choice, especially with this lovely weather.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Be yourself. If you dress for yourself and wear what you think you look good in, that’s all that matters.”