Wearing a preppy Brooks Brothers navy quilted coat, this Fashionisto bared a neat and trim appearance. Helping him stay warm and appear stylish amid the harsh winds, low temperatures and snow East Carolina University has experienced this winter season, this coat is the perfect piece of outerwear.

Quilted coats, which are an old-fashioned fad, have become more prevalent in today’s fashion, giving fashion lovers another outlet to create trendy winter looks.

I loved how the outer part of this Fashionisto’s outfit remained consistent with wearing blue hues, like with his H&M dark blue twill pants. These also complemented the navy coat he sported, giving him an edgy, fashion-forward look. However, this Fashionisto was not all blue. Adding a hint of different shades at the head of his outfit, including a brown beanie and a multi-colored scarf helped bring out the tan cardigan he layered under his navy quilted coat.

Also, shoes are a big part of completing an outfit, and can be the breaking point on whether you actually like what you’re wearing. To play it safe, I always chose to go with a neutral colored shoe with almost everything I wear; however, I love a pair of nice show stoppers. This Fashionisto’s neutral brown toned Clarks completed his outfit perfectly, adding that extra spunk to his neat and trim look.

Overall this Fashionisto looked prepared to take on the cold conditions ahead of him, and I loved how practicable the outfit was for a student on the go during the winter season.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My favorite part of the winter is dressing up a pair of nice shoes or boots. It always makes finding everything else to wear easier.”