What’s more adorable than a beautiful girl with long, gorgeous curls and a cute pink top? A beautiful girl with who can also rock a tough leather jacket and boots! Grunge and girly, rock ’n’ roll princess, leather and lace or sweet and spicy—all these trends are really current, and its fashionable now to mix very opposite styles with each other.

When you do this, it actually makes both of the styles stand out more than they did before. Plus, who can actually pick just one style to choose their outfit based upon? If you’re like me, you always try to mix it up and wear a lot of different styles. Putting different pieces together is fun, and its one of the many reasons why I love fashion so much.

My favorite way to do this is by accenting leather items that look aggressive and energetic with sweet and flirty items to make them both call more attention. This way you put out a vibe that says, “I’m cute and friendly, but don’t mess with me!” It’s definitely a sure fire way to get noticed.

This Fashionista played out this trend perfectly. Her bright pink top say ‘friendly’ and those curly, golden locks are pristine. Then she added a leather jacket and matching brown leather high heel boots for an eye-catching, opposing display—a little bit of cute and a little bit of sass! Keeping the rest of her look simple, she kept up a classy college girl feel, too. I love it.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “The latest trends are always changing, and it can be overwhelming trying to keep up with them. Instead of getting headaches trying to keep up, people should find whatever makes them look and feel the best, even if it’s not exactly what’s ‘in.’ “