STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Accessorize Yourself

It’s no secret that the most simple styles are the most flattering. However, sometimes when simplicity takes control of your style for the day, the one way to doll it up is with some fun accessories. Whether it be rings, bracelets or necklaces, you can never go wrong when you accessorize! Layered, long necklaces of different shapes and sizes are being seen everywhere, and are making a statement across college campuses and runways alike.

Layered necklaces are one of the most simple current trends, because it’s so fun and easy to put together!  When I think of accessorizing, necklaces are almost always first on my checklist.  You can mix and match styles, colors and lengths, all while keeping the rest of your outfit clean and casual.  Luckily, they almost always dress up your look as well.

This Fashionista pulled off the trend perfectly!  I absolutely love the way her necklaces are statements; each has a unique twist to it, and they both complement each other through their texture and color.  Her two rings also pull together the two-toned color feel, and they keep the accessorizing continuing throughout the entire look.  I love the way she took a basic and flattering silhouette of cute, ripped boyfriend jeans and a simple T-shirt, and dressed it up with a navy, hip-length jacket.  Let’s not forget about her statement leather sandals that finalize the entire look.  Hello, fall and toodles to those shorts and tanks!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Start out with simple staple pieces and build on from there. Use accessories to really make an outfit come together.”