Women’s fashion has always been the front runner in the most creative, bold and robust wardrobes, but men’s wardrobes are starting to gain back some ground. Over the past few years, menswear has transformed from the basic necessities to more imaginative pieces. Although basic white T-shirts are still staples in the eyes of men, I am happy to see a variety in male ensembles. Taking a different turn from the ‘90s white adidas, men are exhibiting combat boots, boat shoes and loafers while wearing button-downs, cardigans and graphic T-shirts.

This Fashionisto is wearing a light blue button-down and chinos accessorized with a brown, leather belt and beige boat shoes with leather accents. His outfit puts a casual spin on a classic male look that takes his date night look from a jean ensemble to a less casual look. This Fashionisto does a wonderful job downplaying a traditional buttoned shirt because of the soft, loose texture of the shirt. By tucking his shirt into a nice pair of chinos, he lets his date know that he can tidy up from his day-to-day jeans and his Nike Air Jordans.

This outfit would be just as nice by adding some more details. Leather is a huge asset that is being worn this season. To take this Fashionisto’s outfit to the next level, add a nice leather watch like this brown leather Bulova watch. Swap the more causal boat shoes for a pair of leather desert boots and add a light jacket for a cool, brisk night. Anyway you choose to style these staples, you can’t go wrong and your date will be more than impressed by your effort to look good.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Dress to impress. I think when you go on a date you should dress up for one another. So, tuck in your shirt and no jeans.”