STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: 1000 Shades of Nude

Nude. It’s the only way to go this fall. It has all the girls around the globe going nuts and it’s turning heads all over the city. In case you didn’t catch on, I am not advising that you frolic down the streets in your birthday suit but rather rock on of the “1000 shades of nude.” Not only is the color timeless and becoming, but Kim Kardashian is wearing it so it must be in style, right?

Nude is a refreshing change to the classic black and white garments that traditionally adorn the streets of Toronto. Don’t be nervous Fashionistas, it is still a neutral shade that can be worn on any occasion. For example, this Fashionista is wearing a pair of RAD nude jeans that she paired perfectly with a long black trench and booties. The myth that black and brown hues can’t be worn together is complete poppycock. Nude is in the same neutral family as black and white which makes it even more practical to add to your wardrobe.

Not only is the shade an easy addition to your closet, but it can also be worn year round. The color is perfect for fall, winter, spring or summer. It is an elegant shade that will make you stand out amongst your peers. The shade is being worn in all types of garments, from timeless turtlenecks to bootylicious denim.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to stand out on the streets, style should be each persons own unique taste.”