STYLE ADVICE: New Year's Style Goals

Happy New Year, beautiful people! With a new year comes everyone attempting to make New Year’s resolutions. It’s been said that most people don’t follow through with their resolutions, and that setting goals, rather than resolutions, is the better thing to do. For as long as I can remember, my parents would have us sit down at the end of each year, and write down our goals for the following year. It’s also been said that writing down your goals makes you more likely to attain them. So, I wanted to share one of my goals for 2017—that is, style goals.

Always dress the part. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to the grocery store in a T-shirt and sneakers because “I’m not gonna see anyone I know.” While I’m not saying you should dress for people, I am saying dress to impress, ya know? “But, how?” you may be wondering. “And why would I wear a fur coat and heeled booties to Walmart?” That was my thought process, until I started thinking of practical ways I could turn a casual outfit into a cute outfit that looks like I actually put effort into it. And, I’m here to share my advice with you.

Back to the topic of college T-shirts; it’s easy to say, “I have nothing to wear,” and resort to the many oversize T-shirts you have sitting in your drawer. But don’t do it. Reserve those T-shirts for sleepwear, workouts, and once a week “I can’t be bothered” outfits (you’re allowed that). Cut back on the T-shirts. Instead, wear cute graphic T-shirts, muscle shirts, turtlenecks (back by popular demand), etc.

Jackets are your best friends when it comes to dressing casual, but cute. And there are a variety of options too. There are denim jackets, utility jackets, bomber jackets, leather jackets—you won’t know which one to choose. This Fashionista chose a leather jacket, which fits the mood of her entire outfit. Nice choice!

With the variety of jeans out there (ripped, frayed, skinny, bootcut, high-waisted), it shouldn’t be difficult to choose one pair and rock them. Some other pant alternatives: joggers, a cute pair of leggings, or get dressed super quickly with a pair of overalls (corduroy overalls are perfect for this time of year).

I really like shoes. For a casual day on the run, go for a cool pair of sneakers, a cute pair of boots, or some adorable flats.

Accessories can literally take an outfit from blah to ooh la la (lame, I know). But really, accessories can take your OOTD game up 10 levels. Anything from statement necklaces to choker necklaces to watches to baseball caps to bags: it all matters. So pick the ones you think complement your outfit and accessorize away.

That’s all the style advice I have for now, folks. I hope this post gave you ideas on how to have a rad wardrobe this year.