STYLE ADVICE: New Spring Neutrals

March 3rd, 2017 at 2:00am

If you’re anything like me, your winter wardrobe consists of various shades of black. When spring arrives, I always struggle to create combinations with brighter versions of my go-to pieces without losing the edge and flexibility of black. To a chronically late person such as myself, it is vital that every single item in my closet can be worn with any assemblage of the rest. Obviously, I still want to look put together even on a time crunch. Most days, I reach for my Adidas Superstars, which are perfect for walking (or the occasional hurried light-jogging) across campus.

This Fashionisto also opted for the classic Adidas sneakers. He paired them with a pair of light olive green jeans. The color adds more visual interest than the typical denim wash, yet is subtle enough to work with a variety of hues. He rolled them up at the ankle to draw more attention to the shoes. The holes in the knees allow for greater mobility. He paired these jeans with a pale pink sweatshirt. The olive green of the pants and the pink of the shirt transition to spring seamlessly. The added layer of the jacket provides warmth for the chilly mornings and evenings in South Bend, Indiana. The camouflage pattern of the jacket matches well with the other neutrals of his outfit.

The resulting look provides the perfect neutral update on a classic-black winter wardrobe. It appears to require more effort than the all-black ensemble as well, with the same amount of mental energy. Inspired by this Fashionisto’s outfit, I will be incorporating a wider range of neutral colors into my spring wardrobe. After all, they never go out of style.