STYLE ADVICE: New England Spring

STYLE ADVICE: New England Spring

If you live in New England, then you know that spring weather can be chaotic. One day it is snowing and windy, the next is warm and sunny. While this may sound unappealing, this is one of the reasons why spring is one of my favorite times of year. Why? It gives me an excuse to go shopping!

Because the weather shifts so frequently, it is a necessity to have a versatile wardrobe. Flowy blouses, light cardigans, quarter length sleeves, and pleated midi skirts are easy to pair for most of the season. At the start of each spring season, I always make a couple trips to the mall to pick up some of these essentials. No matter the weather, spring fashion in New England is just as colorful as everywhere else. Light blues, lavenders, and greens begin to consume our entire spring wardrobes.

On campus, everyone is already starting to embrace the spring spirit. I ran into this Fashionista a week ago and had to capture her style! She is wearing a cropped, long sleeve shirt paired with high-waisted boyfriend jeans. The light wash of the jean compliments the darker teal top. The fitted shirt also goes nicely with the laid-back styled pant. By combining tight with loose, it establishes a balance between her two main pieces.

One thing that immediately caught my eye when I saw this Fashionista was the jewelry she was wearing. She is wearing a rose gold choker with a small bar in the center. This small and adorable piece adds an extra element of glam into her look. Similarly, her silver bar earrings have the same shape as her choker. Even though the two are made of different metals, the same shapes establish a continuity among these pieces. The sharp edges of her earrings give off a more edgy vibe.

Speaking of edgy, this Fashionista’s combat boots make the ultimate statement. Combat boots alone make a great power statement. The decision to wear a darker colored boot instead of light ties in the edginess from the top of her look (the sharp earrings). The dark chocolate brown boots are a bold touch to her light-washed jeans.

All in all, this Fashionista is able to perfectly balance her bold style with the spring season. The light colors are playful and go well will the spring aesthetic. Choices like the dark chocolate brown combat boots and the teal long-sleeve crop top contribute to her flirty yet powerful style.

This Fashionista’s overall look gives off a relaxed, yet edgy vibe. From the small details in her jewelry to her combat boots, this Fashionista is rocking her style.