STYLE ADVICE: Must-Have Mesh

April 5th, 2017 at 2:00am

In the transition from winter to spring, a versatile layering piece and savvy styling are musts. The weather is changing throughout the day, rain is a constant, and fashion is caught in a limbo land between the trends of each season. To keep up and remain fashionable during this time of the year, one needs an item in their closet that can adapt to all climate conditions and outfit changes.

This Fashionista chose the perfect piece in her long sleeve, black, mesh bodysuit. This not-so-basic item functions like the standard long sleeve cotton T-shirt, but with more stylish results. Here, it serves as another layer while adding a slight edge to this feminine look; it covers a dark purple bralette underneath while providing extra coverage to the lavender romper on top, slowly working in the pastel shades of spring just as the sun is slowly emerging behind the clouds and fresh buds appear on the flowering trees. She completes the look with a dainty green and gold necklace.

Follow in this Fashionista’s footsteps (in her buckled gray flats) and invest in a long sleeve black mesh bodysuit. The comfortable piece will quickly become a wardrobe favorite with its ability to be worn as a basic layering piece, as shown in this look, or as a statement focus of an ensemble.

I give the long sleeve, black, mesh bodysuit my personal recommendation, as it has seamlessly worked its way into my own collection of basics, right next to my leather jacket, leggings, and favorite pair of jeans.