One Piece of Advice for Back-to-School

Summer is slowly fading into back-to-school shopping days for supplies and best of all, clothes. Shopping for new school clothes is all fun and games until you see some of the company’s price tags. Especially as a broke college student, you want the best deal you can find. If you’re like me and always want a way to save money or reinvent your current wardrobe, stay tuned and read about how to transform current summer trends into a cute outfit for back-to-school!

What Is This Big Summer Trend?

A big trend for the past year has been the infamous bodysuit. Every girl and their mother have one. With that trend swarming the Internet and the streets, it was only a matter of time for people to break out the one-piece swimsuits. One-piece swimsuits haven’t seen the light of day since maybe elementary school. Now they’re all the rave with fun cut-outs, patterns, and the oh-so common high cut leg. No matter the suit you chose, any can be transformed into your next favorite school outfit.

Based on your selection of one-piece and your own personal style, choose a bottom that suits the look. Casual and comfortable looks call for a cute pair of denim shorts or boyfriend jeans. Denim screams casual, especially looser fitting (and also trendy) boyfriend jeans. More of a flirty, dressed-up look would go great with a cute mini or maxi skirt. My one-piece is a dusty mauve color with a low scoop back and a ruffle detailing. Ruffles really catch the eye and instantly give the look a flirty vibe. To keep the look flirty, I choose a lace-up corduroy mini skirt. Since I went for a dressier approach, sandal heels were my shoe of choice. For a more casual look, you might want a cute pair of flat sandals or even some comfy sneakers. Adding a simple pair won’t draw attention from the center of the look and it’s more practical for walking around campus.

Accessories should be chosen as you so please. I kept my accessories limited to my everyday stud earrings and two coin-like, simple necklaces. Ruffles were enough of their own accessory that I didn’t feel I needed much more. Adding more to your look is easy if you would like to. Layer more necklaces or choose your favorite go-to bracelets for more on the arms.

Make It Your Own Look

Although summer may be coming to an end, there will always be a bright side. The bright side here is that you can come up with so many new ways to style your current summer favorites for a fun and new school look! Don’t own any one-pieces or don’t want to limit your outfits? Use the same tips with your favorite bodysuits. Mix it up day to day based on your mood for a casual look to class or date nights!

How would you style your summer favorites for back-to-school? Show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista!