STYLE ADVICE: Music Festivals

The last scantron bubble is filled, and the last goodbye has been said, so it is time to head home for the summer. With summer comes three things: sun, sleep, and music festivals. I cannot hear the word Coachella without immediately thinking of Vanessa Hudgens. She is the queen of bohemian dressing, and Coachella is her kingdom. She is constantly sporting floral flowy looks like this one, whether it is a sundress, romper, or even pants. She knows how to perfectly balance Woodstock chic and Gypsy princess, and so does this Fashionista. Whether or not you were able to make it to Coachella, the summer is scattered with more festivals like it. Bust out all your bohemian dresses, buy a new pair of sandals, and recreate this Fashionista’s look.

While summer is great, it can also get pretty hot. Instead of wearing shorts and a top that will cling to you when it gets above 75 degrees, opt for a lightweight dress like this Fashionista’s. The bell sleeves allow the look to be breezy, and still 100 percent festival appropriate. Nothing says music festival like a pair of rounded ’70s style sunglasses. Also, keep the look trendy with a stylish choker. As the choker trend continues, they are quickly being transitioned into spring and summer, with lighter colors and lacy fabric.

Finish the look off with shoes that will last. Leave the flimsy flip flops at home, and wear some comfortable crochet sandals, that will be great for all of your daytime festivities. Your feet will thank you at the end of the night.