STYLE ADVICE: Mixing Denim

STYLE ADVICE: Mixing Denim

Sometimes we are faced with the stress of trying to match. Denim is a trend that can be mixed however you want. Light goes with dark, dark with dark, light with light, white with black, or any other combination. In this specific look we have a charcoal color denim bottom with a light denim jacket.

To pull a look together it is nice to add accessories. This outfit, specifically, is more accessory based. There is a simple top in order to cause the accessories and denim to pop. A belt and some glasses are some options you may have laying around. The black belt in this outfit goes well with the style of this look and the season. In the warmer weather, some may opt for a brown belt. Right now western style belts are in, as we have shown. The glasses are more of a fashion accessory than they are necessary to block the sun. Lately, I have been seeing glasses with lighter, more transparent lenses. This allows us to be able to see the face and eyes while they are on, just adding to the look.

Something that I found interesting and inspiring about this look is the headband that was put together. The headpiece used is a thin scarf that can be tied many different ways on the head, as we see here. There are an excess of ways to tie a scarf, such as around the neck, on the head, around a purse strap, on the ankle or wrist and many others. Something this simple can be so versatile.

Simple looks like this can easily be paired with Converse. It makes the look more casual and adds comfort as well. It is always fun to add a funky pair of socks too.

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my post. I hope you all are having a great start to the New Year! See you next month!