STYLE ADVICE: Mixing Browns and Blacks

March 22nd, 2017 at 2:00am

Mixing brown and black is one of the most controversial fashion trends—you are either going to love it or hate it! I am all for mixing browns and blacks in creative ways, and so is this Fashionista.

This Fashionista did a perfect job mixing hues of brown with her black leggings to make it work in just the right way. The key to pulling off the brown and black look is varying your color tones to downplay the strong browns and blacks. The bright white turtleneck under her camel brown fur and suede textured vest does a perfect job doing that. It brightens up the outfit and creates a contrast between the brown vest and black leggings. The cream color of the fur complements the white turtleneck, further separating the black from the brown.

This Fashionista used a tan ankle boot to finish off her outfit. Because the black leggings separate the brown in the vest from the tan colored booties, the booties appear to have more gray undertones. These undertones allow the booties to complement instead of clash!

The accessories this Fashionista picked complete this outfit perfectly—they are the little brown and black bow tied on top! This Fashionista’s brown leather strap watch keeps the white turtleneck and cream colored fur from taking away from the outfit. It gives it just the right touch and pulls out the camel brown in the vest.

This Fashionista turned the brown and black trend into something rad! To sum it all up here are a few tips for mixing brown and black: vary the hues and shades of brown; use lighter colors like creams and whites to offset the brown and black; use your accessories and shoes to complement the outfit instead of clash; and most of all, have fun trying different ways to make this trend work for you!