STYLE ADVICE: More Metallic

Okay, so admittedly this article might be slightly biased. I love anything that sparkles and shines because I think that such phenomena is so whimsical and pleasant, and can we really have too much of that in our lives? In my opinion, the answer is no. Sometimes that little extra glimmer in our wardrobe is all we have to combat dreary, miserable days.

This Fashionisto’s look is perfect for any day, but this is a particularly stellar option for finals week. I think the key to remaining human through a week of absolute chaos and disaster is to keep shinning, and I choose to employ this mantra through my outfits.

This is an outfit that is definitely comfy and relaxed, but still conveys a sense of style and craft. Our Fashionisto’s simple T-shirt features trendy text and dying techniques that work perfectly with the basic, relaxed shorts that transcend lethargy to athleisure. For the finishing touch of punch, he sports ultra metallic skate sneakers. Sometimes, utilizing a statement shoe is that hidden key to turning your banal, everyday looks into a super on-trend fit.

It’s also worth noting that people tend to associate metallic with feminine styles, which is obstinate and vapid, in my opinion at least. Current fashion has become so androgynous, which is quite exciting and wonderful. No one should have to sacrifice creativity and expression for some frivolous gender role that has been arbitrarily inflicted by the mossbacks of society. Carry a purse, paint your nails, smear glitter on your face, do whatever it takes to express your artistic freedom and be the truest version of your self. Anyone that gives you a hard time for looking a certain way could learn a great lesson about confidence and empowerment from you.

Keep shining, you’re little gems.