STYLE ADVICE: Leather, Not Lace

We all struggle with the dilemma of wanting to look cute and go out, but also wanting to remain in your sweats and create an imprint of your body on the couch. However, this Fashionista gives you a look that might just drag you into the beautiful spring air.

This look is perfect for running errands while still looking put together, so that when you run into people you know you can refrain from ducking into the bushes. This beauty combines three trends that, frankly, you can never go wrong with: denim, distressed details, and leather (vegan). The bright orange hoodie gives a pop of energy and color to the outfit when paired with the jet black leather leggings and denim combo. Additionally, the orange peeking through the distressed sections of the denim jacket is a really cool, edgy detail that adds to the overall look. To complete the outfit, this Fashionista topped it off with a simple pair of black kicks.

However the main thing I’m making heart eyes at is those shiny leather leggings. These leather leggings are an essential in every closet, they’re one of those pieces that you can chuck on with almost anything and instantly look put together. Leather leggings can take you from polished during the day, paired with a white button-down, and edgy by night paired, with a band T-shirt and leather jacket. They’re a versatile piece that can take an outfit far, or help you to build an outfit when you’re not quite sure what to wear. However, the major thing about leather leggings is that it works in almost everyone’s personal style whether it be edgy, classic, girly, or even sporty. It also works in most seasons…almost (summer sweat is a no-no).