STYLE ADVICE: It's Okay to be Basic

Early morning classes are the worst thing for some and a breeze for others. Regardless of your ability to function as a human being in the early hours of the morning, everyone can admit some mornings are definitely rougher than others. We’ve all woken up and pretty much guaranteed ourselves that Beyoncé didn’t consider us when she wrote, “I woke up like this—flawless.”

It’s rough enough starting the day at what seems like an ungodly hour, let alone feeling like you can’t go on looking the way you do. But don’t panic ladies; there are ways to conquer these mornings. Grab your coffee, get that chin up, and charge the closet.

The best way to get past what seems to be detrimental to your being is starting with the basics. What are those go-to pieces you know are always there for you? Maybe those classic jeans and white top? Or what about that sweater that has honestly gotten you through your worst days? (You know which one I’m talking about). You can’t go wrong when you go for what always works.

Now, time to spice up your look. The basics allow for accessory freedom and creativity. What more could you ask for! Throw on some colorful jewelry, a fun pair of shoes, or my personal favorite, a wrap headband (also a great fix for a rough hair day). Now you’re talking.

This Fashionista conquered what started as a rough morning by doing exactly this. She went for the basics: classic ripped jeans and basic flowy top. She threw on her favorite go-to sweater and went for the quick hair fix with her favorite headband—which also added great color to the outfit. Topping off the look with her favorite jewelry and classic white Converse, she was ready to turn this day around.

Can’t let the morning get you down, so remember those go-tos and show the day who’s boss. If not for you, do it for Beyoncé.