STYLE ADVICE: How to Be Supreme

STYLE ADVICE: How to Be Supreme

Supreme, by definition, means to be superior and greater than others. In a non-condescending way, it’s important in the fashion world to achieve this status and stand out. There are multiple ways to do this. I personally think uniqueness and boldness will take you straight to the top.

It is good to have a lot going on with your outfit, but not too much to cause distraction. This Fashionista learned how to find that balance perfectly. From her unique hair and makeup to her Supreme backpack, everything about her is flawless. She sticks to a certain color scheme: red, green, black, and gold.

For her outfit, she chose to keep it simple with ripped, black jeans and a jacket, allowing her crushed velvet shirt to be the center of attention.  I live by the saying, “the more gold, the better.” Adding gold to an outfit will definitely be the icing on the cake. Here, this fashionista complimented her outfit with a gold necklace, gold beads in her hair, and gold face jewelry. Her Supreme backpack—the inspiration behind this post—makes the outfit. Any cool staple piece will bring the outfit together.

Now, let’s talk about makeup. Makeup is such a fun way to express yourself and can really add a cool touch to your personal style. Killer brows are always the way to go. You can see that she paired a dark eye with a sharp wing. What really stood out to me was the yellow eyeshadow applied in different spots. It’s different and fun!

Overall, staying true to yourself and confidently owning your style will make you your most supreme self.

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