STYLE ADVICE: How to Add Height for Guys

March 20th, 2017 at 2:00am
STYLE ADVICE: How to Add Height for Guys

This Fashionisto knows how to do it well. In order to visually appear taller, he pairs a long line T-shirt with black skinny jeans. The effect is simple and works wonders—it adds height! While a regular length T-shirt drops normally around the waistline, a long line T-shirt will drop an inch or two below the waist. In this look, this is what accentuates his torso.

The length of long lines aren’t traditional, and it isn’t a look that everyone can pull off. You have to keep in mind the colors that you plan on pairing a long line with. The length and style of your pants are important as well. If you wear it with anything else oversize, you might as well be a human parachute ready for a jump. No judgement if that’s how you normally would wear it because style and fashion are subjective! Personally, you want to be cohesive in your selection. In order to create a well composed look from top-to-bottom, you can pair it with skinny jeans or banded joggers. The reason for this is that the T-shirt will be the main center of attention, while the skinny jeans or joggers will be the perfect fit to highlight those legs.

Monochromatic colors are also great to add height. Wearing too much black can do quite the contrary. Specifically with his bomber, the underlying color behind the zipper is red. This is another attention grabber that strays away from the all dark ensemble for a brighter touch. So keep this all in mind the next time you want to look taller, guys!

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