STYLE ADVICE: Fun on Campus

STYLE ADVICE: Fun on Campus

This Fashionista wanted to kick off her spring break by bringing a little boho-chic magic to her campus. Sometimes you only need a few simple pieces to pull an outfit together, especially when the pieces can speak for themselves.

Circle skirts are great, but have you ever seen a waist-fitted, pleated, and embroidered circle skirt? Now you have. This staple item gave our Fashionista’s outfit an overall fun and flirty feel. Due to the eye-catching design laced around the bottom of her skirt, our Fashionista wanted to keep it simple when it came to her other items.

She chose to pair her skirt with a cream crop top. The top not only flowed nicely with the fitted waist of the skirt but also created a nice balance with the black and red of the bottoms.

We all know that wherever there is a skirt, a pair of strappy sandals is not too far behind. Giving the overall look the life it deserves, our Fashionista’s choice of footwear will leave you wondering where you can grab a pair. This heeled sandal matched the circle skirt in color and style, giving the look a cohesive and organized look while still keeping it creative and cute.

When it comes to accessories, our Fashionista didn’t want to go overboard, and she didn’t have to. Dressed with a black leather backpack and pair of black cat-eye sunglasses, the outfit is completed. While the backpack contributes to the flow of the look, the sunglasses add a sassy aspect to our Fashionista’s vibe.