June 3rd, 2015 at 2:00am

For as long as I can remember, guys have been wearing khaki shorts. As I was looking for the perfect khaki short outfit, I became aware of just how many guys on campus wear these shorts. It felt like it was National Khaki Day. Although I was surprised, I can see why majority of guys had a pair on; they are a staple piece. Similar to jeans, khakis for men can pair well with pretty much anything. Whether it is dressed up with a polo for a preppy vibe, or dressed down with a sports T-shirt, khaki shorts coordinate well. This epiphany led me to the conclusion that khaki shorts for guys are as much of a classic as the little black dress is for girls.

This Fashionisto does a great job creating an urban-prep style. A combination of the two allows for a clean-cut image with an edgy twist. Here you see he matches his blue T-shirt with high-top Vans perfectly. Without a doubt, his khaki shorts connect the two matching pieces together and make this outfit complete. They are neutral and do not fight for attention with the decorative T-shirt and blue suede sneakers. His book bag even looks great with this outfit by adding an accent color. Without trying too hard, this Fashionisto is strolling around in style.

If you do not own a pair oh khakis already, I suggest running to the store to get at least one, or possibly two pairs. Any men’s clothing store should have a pair, so it shouldn’t be hard to find. A few stores I would recommend would have to be American Eagle Outfitters, Abercrombie & Fitch, H&M and Macy’s. Nine times out of 10, if you cannot find something to match with those awesome kicks you just got, khaki pants will.

What is your STYLE ADVISE OF THE WEEK? “Stick with a simple pair of khaki shorts and this years’ fashion trends. A staple piece is the foundation to build around, not the main attraction.”