STYLE ADVICE: Fabulous 24/7

STYLE ADVICE: Fabulous 24/7

After some serious snow storms, the temperature drops to ten degrees and some people will find it hard to stay warm yet still fashionable outside. Here are some small tips to help you stay fabulous 24/7, even through the freezing cold and brutal wind. Take a look at this Fashionista who is a perfect example of being fabulous.

First, small accessories are a must, since winter is coming and everyone is wearing beige clothes and heavy fur coats. A sparkling piece of jewelry will definitely help you gain most of the attention. This Fashionista is wearing a rose gold headband, which goes perfectly with her long dark hair and matches with the wing design earrings. She also has a cat ring as her unique identification. It is a good idea to have something that can show your personality and express your own sense of fashion. The accessories together complement the overtone of the outfit. Smokey makeup and a nude foundation are the best for gold and silver accessories like that. Fake eyelashes and cat eyeliner are strongly recommended. Heavy eye makeup could leave a strong impression on people, and it also brings out the stylish feel of the basic outfit.

Besides the accessories and the makeup, an outfit should also be chosen wisely. A bomber jacket is the first choice for the warm and stylish winter outfit. I strongly recommend embroidery on the back, just like this Fashionista has. An outfit like this will totally capture attention without looking excessive. Winter outfits work best if they only have one point to focus on. If you are wearing a jacket, I suggest you wear a basic top with a brighter color; the contrast of color will stand out more. This Fashionista’s yellow crop top is a perfect demonstration. Not only does it contrast well with the jacket, but it also matches the nude tone and smokey makeup, along with the golden accessories.

Hairstyles are also important in winter styles. Since everyone is putting their hair down to warm up their necks, it will be great to change it up a bit to be a little bit different. This Fashionista is wearing a half-up ponytail style. This type of hairstyle is the best match for clothes with higher collars, since putting the hair down will make the facial structure look larger. For jeans and boots, simple is the best, and remember the boots should match the overall color tone—a little heel wouldn’t hurt, either.

If you keep your own sense of fashion and apply a few tips I offered, you are guaranteed to be fabulous, just like this Fashionista, 24/7.