STYLE ADVICE: Experiment with Different Colors

STYLE ADVICE: Experiment with Different Colors

Spring is here and everything looks happier; the flowers are out, the birds are chirping, and the warm sun makes it enjoyable to get up and walk to class. It’s during the warm months that more people experiment with color. This has always been a bit of a challenge for me because I love colors such as black, gray, and white, and tend to stay away from pinks and yellows. If you’re like me, we thrive in the fall, and it’s difficult for us during spring. However, on my way back from my statistics class, I ran into this Fashionista. What I love about her outfit is how the colors are kind of dark. She’s wearing denim, teal, and brown, but the outfit still manages to catch everyone’s eye.

Lace is another big trend during the spring, so it’s nice to see her incorporating it by wearing a teal lace top underneath her denim jacket. She makes sure to keep her jacket open and roll the sleeves so the lace can peak through. For her bottoms, she chooses a pair of tan trousers. They’re cute and comfortable to wear for a long day on campus. These trousers paired with the jacket and teal shirt makes the outfit fun, interesting, and colorful.

To add some extra glam, she incorporates a pair of big, gold hoop earrings. I think these definitely make a statement. Her whole outfit is cute and casual, but the earrings tie it all together. To finish it off, she wears some brown booties. For her hijab, she chooses a multicolor scarf and ties it at the front; it’s super cute and goes well with the rest of her outfit.

She is definitely showing off some good style here at UC Davis!