STYLE ADVICE: Embrace Those Pearly Whites

February 24th, 2017 at 2:00am
STYLE ADVICE: Embrace Those Pearly Whites

When you visit the dentist office, you may be told you have beautiful pearly whites. Many believe that the best accessory you can wear is a smile, and I completely agree. So while your showing off those pearly whites, why not accent that smile with pearly white pieces from your closet?

This Fashionista has a classic and feminine approach to her date night attire. By combining chiffon, lace, and pearls, this classic look becomes simple, yet romantic. The cream shirt features lace detailing on the sleeves and collar, which wraps around to the back of the shirt as well. The lace details add understated and sophisticated pops of skin on the shoulders, and draw your eye to the keyhole back detail. The lightweight chiffon material is ideal for the late winter and early spring months, and can easily be worn in the winter with a leather jacket or vest.

This look can be transformed from professional to date night by simply changing out the bottoms. Skinny jeans, light or dark wash, take this look to the casual side. For a professional look, simply add dress pants for a fashionable workday ensemble.

With so many options on how to accessorize neutral colors, a classic approach is what takes this Fashionista’s look from simple to chic. Chokers are all the rage this season, and this pearl choker is dainty and versatile, with the ability to mix and match with multiple items in your wardrobe. The pearl and crystal earrings dangle to the shoulders, adding a feminine touch. Pearl accessories could be swapped out with bold gold or silver to change the overall aesthetic. Booties are making a huge statement this season, and are a great way to elevate your look. These tan booties are a subtle and classy way to finish off the outfit.

Even after all this style advice, don’t forget your most important accessory you can wear: those pearly whites!