STYLE ADVICE: Edgy Florals

Finally winter has ended and it’s getting warmer outside! I am always excited to transition from winter to fall because that means a wardrobe refresh. It’s nice to put away all my bulky sweaters and my parka to make more space in my closet for spring items. I love how girls are more likely to put on a dress than they are pants or shorts in spring. It’s super easy and stylish.

This Fashionista gave us the perfect balance between edgy and girly. Sometimes floral garments are associated with bright colors, but this is not always the case. This Fashionista’s slip dress is black with contrasting colored flowers on it. This dress is great because it can work in all seasons, dependent upon the way that you style it. Don’t be afraid to incorporate items that are from previous or upcoming seasons. By styling it in a different way, no one will know! Her use of a white t-shirt underneath of it makes the dress more appropriate for the weather and more on trend. Her layering of jewelry makes the outfit personal. By varying lengths and metals, you can make your outfit unique to your personal style. Her leather jacket makes the outfit look both effortless and edgy. Throwing a leather jacket over top of items this season will make any outfit look immediately put together. She also incorporates florals in her tights. I love that this is an attention to detail item. Pairing these with a lighter colored dress or something even girlier, would still add an edgy element to the outfit. Finally, she wore black ankle boots. I believe ankle boots are a staple in every women’s closet. They go with anything. While sometimes a daring shoe is necessary, pairing black boots with a primarily black outfit will make just as much of a statement.

This Fashionista showed us that its okay to push the envelope. Buying light colors in cold months and dark colors in warmer months is totally okay and can still be fashion forward. Additionally, you don’t have to break the bank in order to find new items for spring. You can use certain items from previous seasons and style them in different ways to make them look new! A leather jacket will always come in handy for mornings that are chilly or overcast. Plus, throwing it overtop of your outfit will give it a classic vibe. Finally, bold items are great but don’t forget to fall back on your staple items. They can be just as eye-catching.