STYLE ADVICE: Dotting with Fashion

STYLE ADVICE: Dotting with Fashion

The weather may be heating up just a bit but the winds still like to peek through occasionally. But indecisive weather can’t weigh our fashion down. Never. Adapting to weather changes should be easy and not mess with your style. Everyone is able to throw together something for any weather incorporating their own twist.

Jean material has been all the rage recently. From jean jackets to backpacks to skirts, we are all in love with it. Jean skirts bring back the ’90s fashion and should become a staple in your wardrobe for the time being. It’s quick and easy to throw on while keeping you put together and a tad bit dressed up. Adding patches or pins on the skirt adds extra personalization. Also, it’s a great conversation starter with a fellow Fashionista!

Going along with the jean skirt, you can dress it up or down. Throw on a plain white shirt and Vans for a go-to look, or dress it up with a tucked in polka dot button-down. Having different designs on your blouse adds more of yourself to the look and it’s a great way to show things you are interested it. Love dogs? Pick up a cute blouse at a local store littered with cute puppies on it! Styling your outfit with different materials and prints, it’ll sure be a winner for any occasion.

This Fashionista can’t go anywhere without her brown booties. Not only are they comfortable, they are very practical and go with almost every outfit! It pairs great with this outfit as it ties in with her leather brown belt.

Express yourself through fashion. Bring pieces that you love to light, always.