How to Dress for Success at Your Dream Internship

August 14th, 2017 at 2:00am

If I had a dollar for every time I heard the word “internship” over the past three years, I’d be able to pay off all my loans within a month after graduation! Every college student knows that depending on your major of choice, that is essential to get real-world experience before you graduate. As a marketing major, I’m interested in more than just marketing itself. I would love to try advertising, public relations, or social media. This summer, I was lucky enough to intern with the top advertising and marketing agency in Rochester, NY in their public relations department! This is how I dressed for success during my time there.

Walking into the beautifully renovated building on my first day, I felt out of place. The building was beyond modern and filled with MacKenzie-Childs art. Everyone looked effortlessly chic and stylish compared to my black pants and blazer. I was extremely envious of how easy the women made walking in three-inch heels look. After my first day, I went home to prepare for day two and I decided to get some inspiration from my closet. All I could think about was how cool and modern the office was and how business relaxed everyone looked. I decided to try and dress less business professional, and instead, went for a more business casual style.

For my outfit, I wore a pair of pink chino pants with a flowy blouse and light brown booties. I immediately felt like I fit in and like my outfit wasn’t forced, unlike my first day. In the public relations team, there’s a lot of moving going on with running from client meetings to team meetings, so it’s key to stay comfortable with what you’re wearing. My chino pants allowed myself to walk up and down their stairs without having to flash the teams below, while the flow of my blouse made me feel light and like I was floating through the office. I love heels, but when it comes to walking up two flights of stairs every day, I began to appreciate my booties because they are so comfortable.

What is your go to style for your internship? Let me know by commenting below!


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