STYLE ADVICE: Denim for Days

This time of the year, spring weather is extremely finicky; mornings and evenings may be cold, while the afternoon is hot—along with sporadic spring showers. This Fashionista I found chilling around campus combats the fickle climate wisely by creating an outfit that grows in style as it does layers, wearing a light a breezy shirt under a vintage-looking printed sweatshirt. She combines this convenient and comfortable outfit with a trend that has recently resurfaced into the fashion industry: denim.

This past year has been the media age of nostalgia—a Friends anniversary special aired while sequels and remakes of classic movies and shows, like Full House, attract loads of attention. This appreciation for past trends has thrust denim back into the spotlight, and this Fashionista jumps on the bandwagon by pairing an adorable oversize denim jacket with a pair of skinny jeans. Note that the outfit pulls off a both cute and flattering look. Her oversize sweater makes her look lovable and cuddly, while her fitting jeans make her legs look even more gorgeous and striking.

Our Fashionista personalizes her outfit by making subtle changes to the coord; for example, she rolls up the sleeves to her denim jacket to let her navy blue sweatshirt reveal an extra splash of dark hues that match her combat boots. She also makes good use of minimizing unneeded accessories, using a simple gray baseball cap that matches her pants and ties the entire outfit together. Take note of how her outfit has color coherence; the white undershirt matches the print on her sweater and the light denim jacket. Meanwhile, the medium-gray hat matches the jean bottoms. Lastly, dark tones show through the sweatshirt covering the torso and wrists and leads down to the boots, creating an outfit out of articles that run seamlessly into one another from the top down.

Whether you’re heading to class or hanging with friends, this outfit works extremely well with the ever-changing weather. While you’re snug and cozy with your layers, you can also look stunning in an outfit that accentuates the form of your legs in a playfully, simple, low-maintenance coord.