STYLE ADVICE: Denim on Denim

Can you believe the semester is finally coming to an end? With this weather heating up and summer break shortly approaching, I’ve noticed the infamous sundress and high-waisted shorts cycle of the year swiftly taking over. With that being said, I set out to find a Fashionista who was rocking a unique look of their own.

This Fashionista came out to an afternoon lunch wearing denim jeans, a denim off-the-shoulder top, an embroidered leather jacket with studs, and perspex heels. The jacket works well for the Philadelphia breeze, nonetheless the outfit still makes a statement when she takes it off completely or just wears it on her shoulder.

Each of the pieces this Fashionista has paired together have been super trendy on social media and fashion sites. When going for a denim on denim look, I suggest adding pieces with small details such as the embroidered rose in the jacket and patches on the jeans. This helps to make the outfit stand out and use the denim on denim to its fullest advantage.

Her shoes are super cute, but with this heat perspex heels may be dangerous – I think you guys know what I mean. Instead of perspex heels, perhaps loafers or even one strap colorful heels could pair well. Perhaps she could have worn a print mimicking the embroidery on her jacket on her heels.

Lastly, it is nearly always my suggestion to throw in some gold. This Fashionista added a gold watch and bracelet to finish off the stylish look.