STYLE ADVICE: Colors Best for You

STYLE ADVICE: Colors Best for You

Did you ever notice that you tend to wear certain colors because they look good on you? Do you avoid colors that you know wash you out? There is a reason for that. There is a science behind the colors you wear, and that is why I picked this cool Fashionisto to demonstrate to you why that is so.

Let me introduce to you this Fashionisto. He has cool, dark blond hair, warm hazel eyes, and fair skin with blue veins. When analyzing colors, you have to examine a person’s eyes, skin, and hair. If two out of these three attributes are warm or cool, then this tells you whether you can wear warm or cool colors.

When applying this rule to this Fashionisto, it is easy to see that he has two out of three cool attributes: cool skin, cool hair, and warm hazel eyes. He is a deep-colored man. This means he should wear cool colors such as grays, blacks, blues, and jewel tones that contrast his deep coloring. When it comes to accessories, he should stick to silver.

I asked him if his hair lightens and if his skin tans in the summer, and he said yes. As his hair lightens with golden blond tones and his skin starts to glow, he would be considered a muted man during the summer months. Contrary to his winter coloring, his summer coloring has more warm attributes to complement his hazel eyes. Conversely, his summer colors would lean towards more muted, earthy tones. However, since it is winter, his go-to colors are very different.

This Fashionisto naturally did a great job of wearing colors that are best for him. He wore a gray, distressed leather jacket, a dark gray hooded vest, and a black Polo Ralph Lauren T-shirt. His ripped jeans really add to his deconstructed look. His black Timberland Boots help to bring the whole look together from top to bottom. It was impressing to see that he picked a silver watch and necklace to finish his look, which are perfect for his cool coloring!

Next time you take a look in the mirror, analyze what kind of coloring you have. Then, go to your closet and see if you have been wearing the right colors all along or if you need to start to rethink your wardrobe! Hope this helps the next time you’re wondering, “Does this color look okay on me?”