STYLE ADVICE: Closet Staples

There’s some clothing pieces that you just need in your wardrobe. These pieces stay in style year to year, and will be worth investing in to have stick around in your closet. Versatility is huge for me as a college student who can’t buy new clothing every week, so I look to staple pieces that can be wore in a variety of ways, such as items that can be dressed up for a night out, or dressed down to run to class.

Styling the pieces differently is the way you can fit the piece into a current trend. Season to season, there’s always those few items that you wear again and again, and here are four more that you should add to that list.

A chunky black sweater. I mean c’mon, who doesn’t want to wear this 24/7 and never take it off? It’s cozy, easy, and can look trendy buy adding just one other clothing item. Plus, you will always be able to wear that black sweater you have in your closet from season to season and year to year because it is that basic. Pick a sweater that you love the style, fit, material, and look of so that you don’t have 10 black sweaters and one that gets worn. Admit it, we’re all guilty.

I can’t say enough about leather vests. If you don’t have one, run, don’t walk to get yourself one. My leather vests are what I reach for when I’ve tried on 20 outfits and I “hate all my clothes” and “have nothing to wear.” Leather vests never fail to make you look chic and put together with minimal effort. I throw mine over dresses, chunky sweaters, printed blouses, you name it. Go get yourself one and it will soon become a part of your must-have pieces.

A good pair of jeans is essential in your wardrobe as a staple. Search until you find a pair that fits you like a pair of leggings that you never want to take off. Having a go-to pair of jeans that you actually like to wear will help you so much when dreading the thought of taking your sweats off for real pants. I like to go for a light wash denim that doesn’t have many rips or embellishments so that they are as versatile as can be.

The final staple item that you actually must have is a classic pair of black booties. And make sure it’s a pair that you can wear all day from class, to coffee with friends, to work, and then to go out with the girls. The day I found my perfect black booties, I wore them literally everyday after that. They were that comfortable and made my sweatshirt and leggings groutfit look semi-acceptable.

Find these items, and make sure they are items that you love wearing. You will reach for them and thank them every time you’re having a wardrobe meltdown.