STYLE ADVICE: Bring on the Bold

January 18th, 2017 at 2:00am
STYLE ADVICE: Bring on the Bold

Fashion by no means has any one definition. Everybody describes style and fashion a little differently. What drives me nuts is when people are scared to express themselves through their clothes because they think someone else is going to judge them. All I can say is be bold, be fierce, and stand out!

I bumped into this cool Fashionisto while I was out shopping, of course. To me, he defines independent style. Don’t be afraid to stand out and be noticed. Take some stylish risks, especially if you feel great in it. This Fashionisto proves that ten fold with his tropical shirt. He pairs it nicely with a simple pair of khaki pants, but he absolutely draws the crowd in with his crazy button-down.

Anyone can do this with a simple outfit. He did it with a classic button-down look, but spiced it up with a fun pattern to catch everyone’s eye. This Fashionisto keeps it simple by having the khaki pants and skater shoe. Yet, his outfit says so much about his personality and you can do that too. Not to mention, he tops it off with a stylish coat from 10 Deep.

Your clothes should express who you are and if you are feeling bold, who cares what other people have to say? Wear a flashy pair of heels or a crazy top if you feel like it. Your style expresses you. If you like it, wear it. Since, what ultimately matters is that you feel killer in it.

Try pairing up a loud piece with a few basic pieces, so your signature piece can really be the star. Showcase it and let it stand out!