STYLE ADVICE: Breaking Old Fashion Rules

When I was younger, I remember my mother was always following the “fashion rules.” She didn’t wear white after Labor Day, she didn’t mix prints, and she matched her bags with her shoes. The one rule that stuck with me for the longest time was not mixing black or gray with brown. Growing up, I would never mix these neutrals and thought the fashion icons would look down on me and scorn me if I did. As the rules started to change, I slowly eased away from them and broke out into my own style. To this day, I’m still not quite confident in mixing browns with other neutral colors. Fortunately, I found a Fashionista who has become my new inspiration as she effortlessly mixed gray, black, and brown.

This Fashionista stuck with the staple pieces and is wearing a nice pair of ripped, black jeans and a black leather jacket. Since these two pieces are black, they elongate her height while still looking relaxed. For her gray tones, she has a low cut shirt that adds a touch of softness to counter the jacket. Her socks have thick stripes that add dimension. She brings in hints of brown with smaller details including the brown combat booties and leather choker. Her styling has created a perfectly balanced outfit that breaks the old fashion rules.

This outfit is perfect for an everyday basis. The ripped jeans and brown boots keep it casual for running errands, going to class, or meeting up with some friends to study. The jacket and choker add a trendy edge, giving the whole outfit a unique look. Clearly, it is possible to be on trend while also breaking some old fashion rules.

I hope this look can inspire you to break some of your own fashion guidelines and step out of your comfort zone. Some rules are meant to be broken!