STYLE ADVICE: Bold and Unique

It is an amazing opportunity for me to introduce to everyone an outfit that I am obsessed with from a phenomenal Fashionista. I had a chance to come back to Minnesota and visit the University of Minnesota after one year and a half moving to the West Coast. It was already March in Twin Cities, but the weather was still pretty chilly there. This late-winter outfit of a “U of M” student totally caught my attention for her glamorous and fashionable outlook.

At first glance, I wouldn’t expect this Fashionista could pull off this glamorous look elegantly like the way she did on a school day. Her edgy, yet fancy coat absolutely draws people’s attention to her outfit. It’s a black button-down jacket which has soft feather/fur attached on both sleeves and its bottom half part. Rocking this jacket lets her look just like a celebrity going to school because of its glam and attraction.

In addition, what she rocks on her feet totally amazes me. She wears a pair of black leather ankle boots with delicately designed mini studs. She revealed that they were her favorite Wendy booties in black from Gray City. There is one element that pops her entire outfit off, which is her leopard-print crossbody purse. The vibrant color of her faux fur bag lets it become a statement piece of this look. This Fashionista believes her beautiful purse, which she got from Milly, is very easy to go with almost every outfit look. Furthermore, one final piece that helps to put this entire look together is her chic and exquisite snake ring that she got from a fashion boutique in Texas. This unique ring expresses her special and personal taste through this look.

This is one of the looks that really caught my attention because of its strong impression and uniqueness. I can’t describe how much I loved her style, because I just couldn’t stop adoring her outfit. There is one thing that I have learned from this Fashionista is being fearless in selecting a school outfit. Don’t be afraid that people might stare at you; you might not know the fact that they’re staring because they’re admiring your bold and unique fashion taste.