STYLE ADVICE: Blue Jean Babe

May 11th, 2017 at 2:10am

Summer is on its way, which means college students are tossing away their class-appropriate leggings and T-shirts with reckless abandon. Forget “sun’s out, guns out.” For fashion-conscious individuals, summer means “sun’s out, every single trend from Coachella’s out.”

So how do you incorporate these trends into your look without looking like you clawed your way out of a pile of trendy clothes at Forever 21? I suggest you take some tips from this Fashionista.

She seamlessly incorporates some of the summer’s most popular color trends into her outfit. She wears reflective sunglasses and a quilted top in one of the hottest shades right now, “millennial pink,” to add some subtle and sweet color to her look.

The most obvious and daring trend in her look is the denim-on-denim. Wearing double denim takes some courage, as one risks looking like the dream of the 2000s. This Fashionista, however, brilliantly pulls off this look. Denim pieces in similar colors add a sense of cohesion and pull the outfit together. She brings this classic look into modern times with trendy distressed denim. If you don’t want to buy distressed denim, you can even look up a tutorial and do it yourself! Another rad touch are the pins added to the jacket. Use pins that mean something to you, or even pins that just blend with the look you’re creating. Customizing your look in a snap has never been so easy!

Last but not least, this Fashionista adds some lived-in Adidas to complete her casual and trendy look. Achromatic sneakers are equal parts comfortable and stylish—perfect for gals or guys that are always on-the-run.