STYLE ADVICE: Black, White, and Quirky All Over

March 30th, 2017 at 2:00am

As the weather is warming up and spring is just around the corner, it is that time of year again where Fashionistas begin to shed their winter coats and scarves. It is a great time to pull out those sandals and opt for more adventurous outfits. This year, I have been inspired to incorporate more quirky and flashy pieces to my wardrobe. New year new you, and if you have yet to start testing out bold patterns and bright colors, then now is your chance!

This Fashionista is sporting an outfit that can be considered slightly professional but also playful and fun. She paired a pair of black and white checkered pants with a tattered red graphic T-shirt to create the perfect mix of professional and laid back. On top, she threw on a black denim jacket to add a slight bit of professionalism but kept her quirky style showing through with some silver and black beaded bracelets and a silver arrow necklace that perfectly complement her pants! My personal favorite part of this outfit is her wicked cool silver platform sandals. They perfectly tie everything together and are definitely complement magnets!

One major thing that this Fashionista has going for her is letting her true personality shine through with what she wears and how she presents herself. She embodies the ultimate carefree, unique, and fun loving attitude everyone wants to have during springtime! Any quirky girl has got to have the perfect wardrobe to accompany her personal style, and you don’t have to pay loads to express yourself through clothes! This Fashionista is super into thrift shopping. There are so many super fun pieces you can find that you won’t be able to find anywhere else that are good quality and don’t break the bank (especially on a college budget).

Whether you are bold and quirky or soft and refined, make sure to venture into new territories this spring and try out some new styles you never would have before… You may be surprised by what you discover!