STYLE ADVICE: Black is Not Boring

STYLE ADVICE: Black is Not Boring

Christian Dior once said, “You can wear black at any time. You can wear it at any age. You may wear it for almost any occasion.” I have never heard anything truer in my life.

Being half Italian, my wardrobe has always been predominantly black. Not only does it symbolize mysteriousness and sexiness, black goes with everything. Wearing black will always be in style.

The problem with black is that it is sometimes misconceived as being boring. People tend to think that by opting to wear all black ensembles, you are being too “safe” with fashion because you are not experimenting with colors and prints.

When I bumped into this handsome Fashionisto on my way to class, it reaffirmed what I have always believed: black is not boring.

The first thing that I noticed about his outfit was the Topman shearling collar jacket. While the forest green coat acts a statement piece, it is not so light that it contrasts against his outfit. It is dark enough that it complements the black underneath. Additionally, the black faux fur trim stays true to the outfit’s original intention.

His outfit includes a black Marshall Amplification t-shirt, Levi slim fit jeans, and oxfords from Call it Spring. His accessories also followed the all-black rule, with the bracelet set coming from H&M, aviator sunglasses from Tommy Hilfiger, and bag from Roots. This Fashionisto also shared with me that he maintains his beard with Lush Kalamazoo.

What I like best about this outfit is that it can be worn for different occasions, not just when going to class. Whether he is going out with friends, attending a concert, or going on a date, this Fashionisto is going to do it all in style.

The next time you find yourself saying that black isn’t interesting, just remember this: people who wear black lead colorful lives.