STYLE ADVICE: Be the Bomb with the Basics

STYLE ADVICE: Be the Bomb with the Basics

As the ice melts away and the flowers start to blossom, Fashionistas/os shed their winter attire and begin to truly embrace spring semester. This season is a conducive time to have fun and explore one’s wardrobe. Fashion essentials like a monochrome T-shirt and jeans are justifiable year-round. They give Fashionistas/os creative freedom to make their ensembles bloom, just like a flower. My style advice is to embrace the basics yet to accentuate them with other fashion favorites like the bomber jacket.

This Fashionista does just that as she wears a white T-shirt and light blue skinny jeans as her canvas and displays her style by adding this rad bomber jacket and accessories.

Bomber jackets are a part of history, yet, this season there is an even greater emphasis on their popularity. Whether you want to be casual or dressy, I believe Fashionistas/os must invest in a bomber jacket due to their versatility. From Marc Jacobs to Elie Saab, bomber jackets have made an impact on the runway, so let them make an even greater impact as you walk to and from class. This black and white satin bomber jacket with floral embroidery is youthful and makes a statement.

Floral embroidery has been incorporated in an array of designers collections for this season. Besides being an essential for spring, flowers exude beauty, life, and a rare creativity which can inspire Fashionistas/os to embrace these qualities from within themselves. This jacket perfectly commingles two popular looks: the bomber jacket and floral embroidery.

As a sister of Sigma Sigma Sigma, this Fashionista wears her letters proudly and in style. This pale pink, sorority baseball cap is ideal for the spring and matches the pale pink, embroidered flowers on her bomber jacket. The bronzed rhinestone collar necklace and diamond earrings give just the right amount of sparkle to this ensemble. These black leather combat boots compliment her bomber jacket and add an undeniable edge to this look. Sometimes, one’s backpack does not always complement their outfit. However, with a neutral black backpack there is no need to worry about clashing, Fashionistas/os can remain chic as they carry textbooks galore.

While snow is now a term of the past and winter clothing is no longer taking up the already minimal closet space Fashionistas/os have, spring weather can still present a chill. Luckily, with a bomber jacket and the basics, Fashionistas/os can take on spring comfortably while still expressing their style.