STYLE ADVICE: Amp Up the Basics

STYLE ADVICE: Amp Up the Basics

Everyone has those days where you start to get ready and have nothing to wear. It’s so easy to just give up on a cute outfit and throw on a T-shirt and a pair of jeans. However, rather than sticking to basics, it’s actually very easy to take an outfit filled with basics and just “amp it up.”

This Fashionista did exactly that. Starting off with a basic outfit, she turned it into anything but basic. For her base layer, she started with a black T-shirt and light wash distressed jeans. Instead of any old black T-shirt, she chose a form-fitting bodysuit with an interesting criss-cross design which showed a peek of her stomach while still covering her up. To start the “amp-ing,” she layered with a faux leather jacket and a black choker with a stone design in the middle. For the finishing touch, she added some funky boots which set the ultimate tone for this outfit.

Rather than leaving the house in just a black T-shirt and jeans, this Fashionista took her outfit from basic all the way to edgy. Let her be your inspiration when trying to amp up your basic outfit. Although the boots are very different and may not be everyone’s style, they are the accessory that takes this outfit to the next level. People will definitely be stopping to look at this Fashionista as she walks down the street. All because she knows how to take something basic and turn it into a real standout outfit.

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