STYLE ADVICE: All in the Layers

Midterm season is upon us, and Fashionistas everywhere are trying to maintain their style while furiously studying and rushing to class. The unpredictable Northern Californian weather has people bundled up in the morning but tanning in the afternoon. The only way to solve this issue is layering. That is exactly what this Fashionista does as she is ready to take on her day.

Dressing in a short sleeve, button-up shirt embroidered with flowers is the perfect start to this Fashionista’s look. The light blue floral shirt screams spring as we are all getting ready to kiss cold winter days goodbye. To go on top of the button-up, this Fashionista has thrown on a black knit sweater to stay warm. To complete the layering on the upper half, we see a stylish jean jacket with warm, gray sleeves.

For the bottom half of this trendy look, we see this Fashionista in washed out black jeans with slits at the knee. The slits are covered with a mesh fabric, keeping the look edgy and unique. These shoes are unforgettable, and the flatform sneakers will have everyone in envy as this Fashionista cruises down the hills of Berkeley.

What’s an outfit without jewelry? To finish off the look, this Fashionista layers two simple, black chokers. The minimal amount of jewelry draws attention to the details of the outfit while tying everything together.

While times may be busy, take the extra minute in the morning to throw on a cute jacket, or maybe even a few necklaces. It never hurts to look and feel good throughout the day, no matter the weather.