STYLE ADVICE: All About The Bomber Jacket

Bombers have been all the rage lately and for good reason. In just a few moments, you can layer a bomber over practically any outfit and bring instant edge. Got a bright yellow sundress? Maybe pair it with a navy bomber for an edgy twist. A lacy white ensemble? Pair it with an olive-colored bomber for a dose of hardcore fashion.

There are a few must-have jackets that any fashion fiend needs to have in their closet and they include the denim jacket, the leather jacket, and, of course, the bomber. Feel free to disagree, but I am a believer that these three jackets are the key outwear staples one must have in their closet at all times to instantly switch up any outfit. So if you’ve had your eye on a bomber, but are new to the “bomber scene” and don’t really know how exactly to wear it, then rest easy knowing that bomber jackets are simple to pair with almost any outfit. They also magically make it seem like you tried harder than you actually did to get ready in the morning, which is another great reason to hop on the bomber trend!

A casual yet stylish way to wear a bomber jacket is to go simple with some ripped black jeans, a high-neck crop top, and black boots. Then you can pair this look with a baseball cap and your outfit has become an awesome mix of sporty and edgy in a way that’s perfect for a day spent shopping, a night spent out exploring the town, or both! Bombers are perfect for any occasion in need of a little extra edge.

Just remember that if wearing an outfit makes you feel good about and confident in yourself then it’s an outfit you should go ahead and wear! Fashion is all about expressing yourself with all your individuality and cute little quirks so don’t be afraid to dress to impress yourself a nobody else.