STYLE ADVICE: All About The Basics

STYLE ADVICE: All About The Basics

Boys, if you’re trying to impress your partner, fashion is probably the easiest way you could do it. For me personally, a guy with good style is way more memorable than a guy with a good body. Many of my male friends come to me for fashion advice on what to wear all the time and I almost always tell them the same thing: simple, simple, simple.

My guy friends complain that they have no style or that fashion is hard and time consuming, but it really doesn’t have to be. Fashion doesn’t mean having to look haute couture 24/7. I wear leggings and sneakers all the time! The trick is to invest in a few high quality basics that you can throw on super easily in the morning without giving it a second thought. That way, you can still brew your morning coffee, make it to your 8 am on time, and still rock the rest of your day as the stylish Fashionista/o you are. There are no excuses!

This handsome Fashionisto is wearing a navy blue knit sweater from Uniqlo with a white collared shirt underneath and grey skinny jeans with patch detailing on both knees. The beanie covers up his bedhead, and give the outfit a more laid-back look. His Chelsea boots from H&M and minimalistic watch add a smart casual vibe that pulls the look together. In total, this outfit only took him five minutes to pick out, and he says that the chicks dig it. Overall, the outfit not only looks neat and put together, but it is also extremely comfortable and easy to wear.

I am a firm believer that everyone has the potential to look nice. It about what makes you feel confident and comfortable. When people ask me how I dress nicely every day, I say “it’s simple. I just wake up and put on clothes that make me happy.” And as long as whatever clothes you put on makes you happy, then you look nice. It’s as simple, simple, simple as that.

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