STYLE ADVICE: A Skirt Changes Everything

Spending the year in a country where light gray clouds and mid-50 degree weather brings a smile to my face are just one of the many changes I have come to accept since my time abroad. On another note, my style has consisted of long pants, scarves, and warm jackets. With a change in style due to a new environment, my creativity has had to adapt to many new scenarios. With spring coming and clear blue skies becoming more noticeable, I am once again brainstorming creative ways to revive my style. Yet, with those mere moments where I’m struggling for inspiration, all I do is step out my door to look for other Fashionistas/os around me.

Clothing stores are always bringing in the next seasons items before the time is acceptable to be worn. Think about all the times you start seeing fall clothes in July, but it is still a bit too warm to even consider wearing some of the pieces. Denim skirts have started to catch my eye recently across all the clothing stores here in the UK, but I still have to consider the area of the world I am currently living in. Meaning I am not anywhere near San Diego at the moment. However, after coming across a Fashionista wearing a black denim skirt, my eye for new inspiration during the transition between winter and spring has sparked creativity.

This Fashionista chose to wear a black skirt with a gold zipper down the front. Paired with tights and black booties, it allows the look to still fit in with the current weather, but adjust for the transition between winter and spring. The tights and black booties also keep the look acceptable for the cooler months. If you are used to wearing skirts with tanks, cardigans or sheer tops tucked in, there are plenty of new ways to be creative with style choices. A sweater perfect for winter or a cooler light weight option such as cropped or knitted are a key piece to pair with a denim skirt. No need to tuck in the sweater, let it hang over the skirt to portray a casual yet comfy look.

Just as the Fashionista has chosen to do with the particular look, you’ll be sure to get asked about your outfit wherever you go. If you’re bored with wearing jeans consistently or want a new look to wear to dinner with friends, take my advice and look for inspiration with this Fashionista. She sure knows how to switch things up!