STYLE ADVICE: 50 Shades of Pink

Summer is all about losing the layers and feeling fresh in your own skin. This flowy dress almost looks like it has its flower pattern in 3D. It reminds me of a pink version of dandelions, which were blown to this dress, perfectly matching it to the burgundy color of the dress. The effortless, flowy nature of the dress turns the look of the Fashionista from a casual summer look to a more exotic one. The cutout in the middle of the dress allows her leg to be more open. This dress gives the whole look a romantic feel because of the different colors that are similarly colored to each other.

Her ankle strap heels are an excellent choice to go with the dress. A nude color can never look wrong with an outfit, especially if you are wearing many of the same colors, which in her case are burgundy and pink. The bow at the top of the heels make her look more feminine, but they are also very comfortable to walk in. This color allows the dress to be the center of attention.

Her light makeup, including a nude lip, warm eyeshadow, and pink blush, greatly emphasizes the romantic aspect to the look. It was super fun to shoot with this Fashionista, as she seems like such a fashion pro for combining all the colors in such a unique way.

While some days in May may be windy and chilly, this Fashionista thought of a perfect solution to wear a light, purple cardigan to keep her warm. Whether she wears it fully or just throws it on top of her shoulders, the cardigan adds a nice touch. She loves to carry her burgundy bag with a black and white stripe pattern on the inside. Her jewelry is also an important asset to her, and she advises to wear as much jewelry as you can in order to look more exotic instead of plain and simple. Indeed, her jewelry pieces, especially the purple stone ring, make her hands more exotic.