5 Ways Studying Abroad Changes Your Beauty Routine For The Better

It’s no secret that studying abroad is a learning experience in endless ways. The lessons you learn by moving, living, and learning in a foreign country range from how to do simple everyday activities to realizing how to adapt on the fly. One thing I learned during my time abroad is something you might not initially think of, but still impacts me daily when I (begrudgingly) returned home stateside. That’s right—I’m talking about my makeup routine.

Traveling means making dramatic changes to your lifestyle and makeup is no exception. When you are traveling every weekend and limited in what you can bring over in the first place, some things simply must change and for me, my beauty routine was one them.

Check out a few of the ways my time abroad changed the contents of my makeup bag.

1—Newsflash: making cuts to the contents of your makeup bag is okay and you will survive without your entire medicine cabinet, I promise. I know that sounds a bit dramatic, but do you really need three different eyeliners, four blushes, and countless eyeshadows? The answer is no. When the traveling begins, you will quickly learn that the valuable suitcase space can be used for more important things—like clean underwear.

2—It’s okay to not wear makeup everyday… gasp! This was something that really took some getting used to for me. I was always the person to never leave the house without a full face of makeup; however, sometimes there just isn’t time or the need for it. Many European cultures don’t place the same value on makeup as we often do. In Italy, a toned down and natural look is the common practice for everyday wear.

3—That long-winded routine can definitely be shortened. Answer this, if you have just under 24 hours to explore Budapest, do you want to spend it getting glam or actually experiencing the country? I bet you all chose the latter. This doesn’t mean you have to forgo your beauty routine all together, but it can definitely be condensed. Look for multipurpose products (like a cleanser and makeup remover in one). Another trick is to try and develop a quick look like you like and doesn’t require a lot of time or products.

4—You’ll learn space and time saving hacks that will surely help you even when you’re back in the States. Personally, I learned to use products for more than their intended purpose. I found an eyeshadow that matched my eyebrows and used it as a brow filler and a simple crease shade. I skipped out on concealing and just used pressed powder. These little hacks can really save time and money!

5—While studying abroad, skincare is more important than ever. We all know how a short two-hour flight can wreak havoc on your skin, so it’s easy to imagine what 19 hours of travel can do. While I was abroad I took around 15 flights in four months’ time; needless to say my skin wasn’t always on my side. Endless flights, combined with different water (yes, the water makes a difference), changing climates, and new or stressful situations all at one time make it common for your skin to act up. For this reason, it is so important to create a thorough skincare routine and stick to it. Thinking about skipping a face wash one day? Don’t! (Your skin will thank you later!)

Have you studied abroad? Let us know how it affected your beauty routine in the comments below!