How to Study Without Getting Bored

How to Study Without Getting Bored

I’m not going to lie, studying is something that very few people enjoy; however, it is something that must be done. Whether it’s writing a paper the night before it’s due or studying for an exam multiple weeks in advance, it’s important that you stay concentrated in order to retain the information you need to learn. Here are some tips to make studying a (somewhat) enjoyable experience.

1—Find a place that makes you want to study. Some people can study no matter the environment they are in, but it may be a more productive experience if your surroundings are interesting. It helps to study in places that are aesthetically pleasing, because it makes you feel like you are at a museum admiring the artwork or architecture instead of sitting in a room doing homework. Explore the buildings your campus has to offer. Try art museums, search for a new room in the library, or study in a quiet area outside.

2—Don’t dress like you just got out of bed. Although it is tempting to quickly throw on your most cozy sweatpants and sweatshirt, that may not be the best option when trying to get work done. It helps if you dress a little bit on the nicer side. For example, you could wear jeans, a sweater, and some fashionable sneakers. If you’re in clothes that resemble pajamas, the only thoughts you will be having are about your bed. Try dressing in nicer clothes so you are not tempted to snuggle in bed with a good movie.

3—Take notes in an engaging way. When taking notes, it can get extremely boring if it goes on for thirty pages and you’re writing with a black pen on lined paper. To make the process more engaging, try color-coding your notes using highlighters and colored pens. This allows the note-taking process to turn into a coloring project as well. Color-coding can also help you remember the information.

When it’s time to study, why not make it enjoyable? Comment below with your study tips!