STLYE GURU STYLE: Back to Basics

March 28th, 2017 at 2:00am

Here in New Jersey, the weather seems to be having trouble remembering what season it is. One day, it will be nice enough to go out and about without a jacket. The very next day, you may as well be bundled up because it will be snowing. Mother Nature’s hasty decisions can most definitely lead to difficulty when it comes to deciding what to wear on a daily basis. But, I for one, tend to stick to my favorite outfits of all—those cluttered with basics.

On an average day filled with work and classes, it’s important to make sure my style is on point, but also that I am comfortable enough to spend 12 plus hours out of my dorm. That’s why my go-to tag team seems to be jeans and a trusty sweater. When you put in the extra effort to wear a pair of jeans, it sends off that exact message to everyone else. It shows that you are ready to take on the day and that you didn’t just roll out of bed and throw on a pair of leggings, for instance. A sweater is also that perfect middle ground where you can still add another layer on the cooler days, yet be comfortable enough when it’s a little warmer out.

Shoes and accessories truly depend on the temperature. When it is on the colder side, like it was on this day, I will throw on one of my favorite pairs of combat boots. When the sun decides to shine bright, I love to cuff up my jeans and throw on a casual pair of Vans or Converse. Last but not least, you cannot forget to add a chic bracelet and a choker or two. I mean come on, how can you successfully take on a day without at least one choker?