October 16th, 2015 at 2:07am

Fall is in full swing and we’re all in a state of total fashion confusion.  From early morning “what to wear” decisions before class to agonizing over the best choice of weekend attire, planning an outfit can seem like the biggest battle of the day.  The shifty weather makes putting together a decent ensemble difficult, since you can encounter rain storms, sweltering sun and humidity all in the same day.  Luckily, this Fashionisto has figured out the delicate science of blending runway trends with sensible daily attire.

For this look, this Fashionisto utilized the popular trend of building an outfit out of a singular color scheme.  While a number of designers have played with this trend, we’ve seen it most frequently in Kanye West’s newest fashion line, “Yeezy II”which made its New York Fashion Week debut in September.

Here, this Fashionisto channeled this trend by using variations of white to create a standout look that anyone can replicate.  Starting with the building blocks of an outfit, the shoes, this Fashionisto chose a pair of bright white Dr. Martens boots.  From there, he added layers—starting with a white hoodie and an off-white rain jacket for the top layer.  On this particular day, Western New York was experiencing its trademark indecisive weather, so, this Fashionisto had the option to shed layers when the sun shined through. Until then, he was able to walk the downtown area staying dry and looking fashionable.

Keeping with the theme of color consistency, this Fashionisto rocked a pair of slightly off-white slim-fit jeans. Here, the rips in the pant serve as a break in the color scheme—showing a differing skin tone to avoid the look appearing overly consistent.

For the warmer weather, this Fashionisto shed the two layers of jackets—showing off a form fitting white T-shirt.

Also, keeping the look from seeming too dramatic, are the subtle accents of color throughout the look. While this Fashionisto chose a white T-shirt and baseball hat, he made sure that it included coordinating details of gold, blue and red—featured in the intricate crest-looking designs on the front of the T-shirt and hat and the stripes on the T-shirt sleeve.

Adding to the subtle use of color are the accessories he chose: a gold chain, watch and backpack. Again, the use of understated colors keeps the outfit from looking too dramatic, but stays true to the trend of keeping it consistent.

While these off the runway looks might seem hard to work into your daily lifestyle, it’s not as difficult as you might think. Start by choosing a single color, usually a neutral tone, and search your wardrobe for articles that show variations of that color.  Make sure to pick accessories that provide a break in the color scheme, too—because the last thing anyone wants is to look like they’re ready for Halloween, instead of a night out. Also, when building the look, remember to layer your clothing.  This way, you’ll have the option to shed layers in the case of changing weather. By doing this, you’ll be able to build a fashion-friendly look that’s still fit for any unpredictable weather.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wear what makes you feel comfortable. Brands are cool, but if you wear it to be cool, it’s not going to work.  For me, people see at glances, so wearing colors that are simple and similar are easier on the eyes and easier to mix and match.”